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“As one of the leading technology centers in Europe, Bavaria also ranks among the few places in the world with equally high competence in the fields of aviation, space and satellite navigation. By pursuing an economic policy involving, for example, the formation of thematic clusters and promotion of key industries it secures future-oriented and sustainable structures.”
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The State of Bavaria

A thriving Business Region with an outstanding quality of life

10 Reasons (PDF)

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How Bavaria became a European Silicon Valley

The region is home to hundreds of biotech, IT and environmental technology firms...

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10 Reasons for Bavaria


01. An unmatched location in Central Europe

Bavaria's ideal geographical location and its role as a key hub of international trade offers easy access to European markets. Located in the very heart of the European Economic Area (EEA) with nearly half a billion consumers, companies based in Bavaria are ideally placed to access new EEA markets.

02. Gateway to Central and Eastern Europe

For centuries Bavaria has had close political and economic relations with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Particularly since the enlargement of the European Union to the East, Bavaria has established itself as the prime location to access CEE markets.

03. Most modern energy, transportation and telecommunication infrastructure

Bavaria's advanced infrastructure offers companies maximum mobility and flexibility. Be it rail, road, water or air - Bavaria guarantees the speediest possible transport of passengers and goods. Efficient, reliable data and information exchange is ensured by innovative, state-of-the-art information and communication technologies.

04. Highly qualified employees

Only highly qualified and motivated staff with visions and commitment enable companies to produce top quality products and services of worldwide reputation. Bavaria's excellent universities and its unique system of dual vocational training combining theory with on-the-job-training for non-academic professions ensure maximum workforce excellence.

05. World-renowned universities and research institutions

11 universities, 17 universities of applied sciences, 11 Max Planck Institutes, 3 German Helmholtz research centers and 9 institutes of the Fraunhofer Society make Bavaria a world leader in research and development. Bavaria ranks top in German patent registrations and offers an ideal set-up for the development of new technologies and innovative products and services..

06. High-tech clusters with enormous business potential

Bavaria enjoys a top position - nationally and internationally - in key technology sectors such as information and communication technology, biotechnology, energy and medical technology as well as satellite navigation. The state government's Cluster Initiative "Alliance Bavaria Innovative" promotes intensive networking of industry and academia and gives high-tech companies the opportunity to share know-how and develop innovative solutions.

07. Strong business partners

Bavaria is home of global players like Adidas, Audi, BMW, EADS, MAN or Siemens. About one third of the 30 DAX listed companies are based in Bavaria. In addition, there is a dense network of small and medium-sized industrial, trade and service companies throughout the state - thus providing a broad spectrum of innovative suppliers, customers and potential partners for foreign investors.

08. Work where others vacation

Bavaria is Germany's favorite holiday and tourist destination and enjoys worldwide appeal. Its breathtaking scenery, rich culture and the proverbial Bavarian way of life attract even the most discriminating, sophisticated professionals. Investing, working and living where others spend their vacation - that is Bavaria.

09. Pro-active economic policies

"New products, new businesses, new markets" is the guiding principle of Bavaria's economic policy. State government and administration policies are dedicated to enterprise-friendly procedures, attractive employment conditions and reliability in partnership with businesses to ensure Bavaria's global competitiveness.

10. Targeted support services for potential investors

Invest in Bavaria and its 22 foreign representations are a single-stop of contact for all companies and entrepreneurs interested in setting up or expanding business units in Bavaria. An international team responds promptly to specific information, advisory and support requirements.