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“Both small innovative companies and international groups seeking partners for innovations in the field of satellite navigation should focus more on Bavaria – what with its appealing way of life and wonderful scenery they will certainly not regret it.”
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Bavaria's clusters -

Networking success

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Cluster Offensive


Industry Clusters


Bavaria is one of the world’s major centers of investment. One major reason why companies are flocking to invest in Bavaria: they want to work with and form part of Bavaria’s technology community. And that’s thanks to the community’s track record of developing and producing path-blazing products, services and production and delivery systems. These innovations, in turn, have been the engine sustaining Bavaria’s high rates of growth, which expresses itself in the state’s unparalleled string of export records. These innovations are the products of the close working relationships existing between the state’s academic and business communities. Facilitated by a number of dedicated and specialized networks, these relationships form the conduits for the transfer of technologies among R & D institutes and institutions and companies (including both global players and small and medium-sized ones).
Fostering these ties: years of sustained support from the state government. One of the main vehicles of this support is Bavaria’s Alliance for Innovation. The Alliance is currently implementing a two-fold strategy of technology development.

The strategy’s first thrust is the proceeding with its campaign of forging clusters in 19 key sectors. Each of these clusters is designed to further the development of the state-wide networks linking companies, institutions of higher education, R & D institutes, and providers of dedicated services and funds.

The Alliance’s second thrust is forge cross-sector networks in each of Bavaria’s regions, so as to create the synergies enabling these areas to realize their technological potentials.


Industry Sectors